Interesting facts about Tesla batteries

We constantly get a lot of questions from our readers about Tesla batteries. We have selected the 5 most popular questions.

You ask us - we answer you)

➖Which batteries 🔋 does Tesla use in its batteries?

✅Tesla uses finger batteries of two shapes and capacities. The first - 18-650 and 21-700. Tesla's latest battery is about three "mini-fingers" and Tesla came to this battery by developing its own line of cars. 21-700 is more capacious and cheaper to produce, which is why Elon Musk places them in the Model X.

➖Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries in its electric cars 🔋?

TesTesla batteries are not ordinary. These aren't exactly the lithium-ion batteries you're used to seeing in smartphones or laptops. The difference is in the cathode. The cathode itself has a slightly different formula, which allows Tesla to charge from high-speed charging stations, the ability to frequently discharge and charge the battery and accumulate more capacity in the same size battery.

➖What will happen to the Tesla battery in severe frosts? Will it become unusable?

✅The Tesla battery may fail at -28 ° C. It has an internal electrolyte and can undergo irreversible changes at low temperatures. Therefore, the Tesla battery needs heating. This is what battery resources are for. Tesla engineers recommend leaving the car plugged in if the car is left at low temperatures for more than a day. Under these conditions, nothing will happen to your battery.

➖It is known that a lot of energy passes through the battery during charging. Does Tesla have an overheat fuse?

TesTesla batteries have a built-in air conditioning system. It is important for the battery to ensure a stable temperature when charging and discharging, when the maximum energy passes through the battery in a short period of time. In the event of a sudden overheating, there is a special fuse that shuts off the power and ensures safety against ignition or irreversible damage to the battery. In the event of internal gases, there are special channels and gateways through which these gases will escape and will not harm the driver, passengers or the battery itself.

➖How long can a Tesla battery last?

✅The Tesla battery can live for more than 25 years. Degradation is a natural process that happens to every battery. Tesla degrades by only 5% after 150,000 km. The Tesla electric car is a benchmark that demonstrates maximum battery health.

We hope our tips help you. And your batteries will live a happy, fulfilling life